Quality Printing Cylinders & Gears

Plate Cylinders, Air Mandrels, Base Rolls and Gears for the Finest Flexo

Bingham Flexo services is a Midwestern distributor of printing cylinders, air mandrels, and gears.

printing cylinder flexo
Plate Cylinders, Air Mandrels, & Gears

We’ve partnered with the highest quality, service oriented manufacturers for printing cylinder, air mandrels, impress rolls and more, allowing us to match the best products, pricing, delivery, and quality for your niche application.

Available Products:

  • Plate or printing cylinders
  • Air mandrels
  • Impression roll/cylinders
  • Gears & splines
  • Rubber roll bases
  • Anilox bases

Markets & Applications

  • Wide Web Flexo
  • Coating & Laminating

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