Corrugated Glue Applicator Rolls

For Precision Starch Glue Metering for Corrugated Board
corrugated glue applicator roll

Corrugated Glue Applicator Rollers

There are several different options for restoring the surface of an engraved glue applicator roll. Please consult your Pamarco representative to determine the best option for your application.

Roll Materials
  • Copper Plating/ Mechanical Engraving/Chrome Plated
  • Welded Stainless Steel/Mechanical Engraving
  • Welded Carbon Steel/Mechanical Engraving/Chrome Plated
  • Welded Stainless Steel/Ceramic Coated/Laser Engraved
  • Welded Stainless Steel/Grit Blasted
  • Sprayed Stainless Steel/Grit Blasted
Re-Engraving Options

Premium Re-Engraving Option

Roll diameter restored with welded AST stainless or carbon steel, then ground, engraved and polished. Carbon steel rolls are then nickel and chrome plated. This process is initially more expensive, but offers greater durability and corrosion resistance.

Traditional Re-Engraving Option

Roll diameter restored with plated copper, then ground, engraved, polished, and nickel and chrome plated. This process is initially the least expensive, but offers the less durability than our premium option.

Corrugated Glue Metering Rolls

Fully restored to OEM specifications (including parabolic crown, if required) using sprayed stainless steel, sprayed stainless steel and chrome plating, or ceramic coating is available with a 16 Ra finish, or better.

Standard TIR is .001” or better

Roll Materials
  • Sprayed Stainless Steel/Ground
  • Sprayed Stainless Steel/C
  • Tungsten Coated/Ground

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