Flexo Dryer Systems

The Revolutionary High Performance Forced Air Drying Solution

A-Class Flexo Drying Systems

FlexAir’s newest hybrid technology, A-Class flexo dryer systems features proprietary aluminum extrusions with integrated long-life electric cartridge heaters. Driven by High Pressure Turbo Blower technology, A-Class flexo dryers offer the industry a revolutionary high performance forced air drying solution.

A-Class Nozzles

A-Class Nozzle

  • Pre-heated aluminum extrusion
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Threaded hose connection
  • Single phase or 3-phase power
  • 6 inch minimum web
Nozzle Types

Nozzle Types

A-Class Nozzle: 6 inch minimum

41 Inch Nozzle: Standard nozzle arrangement

75 Inch Nozzle: No heater arrangement

132 Inch Nozzle: Corrugated printer, Side loading, Cam follower

Interstation Dryer

Interstation Dryer

INTERSTATION DRYER: 5 Nozzles, Arched web, Idler web support

PRESS: MPS EF | 16, 20, 22, 26 inch web

WEB: Film, Foil, and Paper

INKS: Water or solvent based

PROCESS: Line and Process printing

Tunnel Dryer

Tunnel Dryer
  • 6 Nozzles, 2 Zone
  • Flotation capable
  • Low pressure air supply distribution
  • Top or bottom supply air inlet
  • 6 Nozzle power distribution (per zone)
  • Cantilever mounted
  • Platform movable on rails
  • Frame integrated exhaust system
Press Specifications

Press Specifications

PRESS: Nilpeter FB | 13 inch web

WEB: Paper, Label, and Rigid Film

INKS: Flexo applied and Water based adhesives

PROCESS: Pressure sensitive adhesives converting

Conveyor Tunnel Dryer

Conveyor Tunnel Dryer

PRESS: Proprietary | 30 inch web

WEB: Papers, Paperboard, and Rigid Film

INKS: Gravure applied and water based

PROCESS: Digital receptive coatings

Gravure Coater Tunnel Dryer

Gravure Coater Tunnel Dryer

TUNNEL: 12 Side load nozzles, 6 temp zones, Flotation

COATER: Gravure

WEB: 63 inch, Film or Paper

COATING: Aqueous digital receptive coating

PROCESS: Offset Gravure

Gravure Laminating Tunnel Dryer

Gravure Laminating Tunnel Dryer

TUNNEL: 16 Nozzles, 4 temp zones, flotation, adjustable mounting

COATER: Gravure

WEB: 45 inch, Kraft Paper

COATING: Aqueous adhesive

PROCESS: Wet bond lamination

Custom Dryer Solutions

Custom Dryer Solutions

Not sure what dryer configuration would best fit your operations? FlexAir offers customizable and various flexo dryer solutions to fit all your converting needs. Contact our team to discuss or request a quote!

Bingham Flexo Services is a proud sales partner for FlexAir flexo dryer systems.

Markets & Applications

  • Wide Web Flexo
  • Corrugated Flexo
  • Coating & Laminating

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