Flexo Plate Mounting Sleeves

Durable, Stable, High Quality Plate Mounting Sleeves for Flexo
Trelleborg Plate Mounting Sleeves

flexo plate mounting sleevesHigh Quality Flexo Plate Mounting Sleeves

Trelleborg manufactures high quality flexo plate mounting sleeves and pneumatic bridge mandrels for high speed flexo printing, up to 1500 FPM. Trelleborg incorporates a unique combination of materials to produce dimensionally stable, easy to mount, and light weight plate mounting sleeves & bridges. Available in Technical Fabric construction and Resin Composite for press speeds up to 800 FPM. Upgrade to wound Carbon Fiber for press speeds up to 1500 FPM. The Trelleborg sleeve and bridge combination are designed to dampen print impression and reduce bounce. Both can utilize pass-through or independent air sources and are available with Miller valves as an option.

Features & Benefits

flexo plate mounting trelleborgFeatures & Benefits

  • Easy To Mount – smooth technical fabric interior layer, encased in extremely stable resin.
  • Bounce Reduction – proprietary impression dampening layer reduces vibration and press bounce
  • Lightweight – honeycomb build-up material for up to 30% weight reduction
  • Non Swelling/Stable – carbon fiber or technical fabric and resin construction provide diameter and TIR stability
  • Durable – Metal reinforced notches and Hypalon protected ends reduce end damage

Bingham Flexo Services is a proud sales partner for Xymid, Trelleborg, and Inometa plate mounting sleeves

Markets & Applications

  • Wide Web Flexo
  • Coating & Laminating

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