Anilox Rollers & Anilox Sleeves

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Laser Engraved Anilox Rollers & Sleeves

EFlo HD™

Elongated Cell Geometry


  • Consistent elongated cell geometry
  • HD certified laser engraved with multi-hit laser technology
  • State-of-the-art ceramic plasma coating


  • Consistent ink transfer quality
  • Higher solid coverage and low dot gain
  • Reduced ink spitting
  • Improved doctor blade life
  • Cleaner, sharper highlights
  • Extended HD color gamut performance
  • Designed to run at faster press speeds
  • Designed to work with HD Digital Plate technology

Consistent Cell Geometry


  • Solid state multi-hit fiber optic technology
  • Optimized cell depth for better ink transfer
  • Ultra-hard ceramic coating


  • Efficient ink-release
  • Easier cleaning due to smoother cells, flatter cell bottoms
  • Improved resistance to doctor-blade scoring due to surface hardness of ceramic
  • Extended volume ranges due to multi-hit technology

30° Channeled Cell Geometry


  • 30° channeled laser engraved anilox rollers & sleeves


  • Consistent, repeatable volumes
  • Excellent release and wettability
  • Works great with hard to apply pigments like titanium white
  • Smooth ink coverage

Mechanically Engraved Anilox Rolls & Sleeves


EvenFlo Mechanically Engraved Anilox Rollers


  • Excellent release and wettability
  • Consistent, repeatable volumes
  • Channeled engraving options ideal for high solids coatings
  • Largest library of engraving tools
  • Electromechanically engraved in Roselle, New Jersey
Click the images below to view the various Pamarco mechanically-engraved cell geometries and their applications.

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