Feed Wipe & Pull Rollers

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Rubber and Urethane Covered Roller and Sleeve Product Offering

Bingham Flexo Services  partners with service oriented, high quality suppliers of rubber elastomer and cast urethane products. We offer the best solution for our customers for their roll and sleeve needs. Urethane offers tremendous cut and abrasion resistance, while various rubber elastomers excel in heat resistance, chemical resistance, transfer, etc. Dual durometer, grooving, crowns and high finish specifications are something our suppliers provide every day. BFS offers the application expertise and will select the best manufacturer for your application/needs

Corrugated Box Applications
Bingham Flexo offers urethane, nitrile and neoprene wipe and feed rollers manufactured by two companies specializing in corrugated supply. We understand the importance of the proper covering, durometer, diameter, crown and grooving. Our suppliers have many OEM prints and have supplied rollers to many of the corrugated OEM’s



DualKote 3065 dual durometer urethane is the recommended covering for corrugated feed rollers. The benefit is extended life and reduced board crush. This is possible due to a soft 30 durometer inner layer topped with a .030” thick 65 durometer outer layer. Overall hardness is approximately 40 durometer. Others offer dual durometer, but their outer layer is so thick that overall durometer is typically 50+. Also offered is a 35 durometer urethane rubber option for price conscious applications. Urethane is preferred due to its extremely good abrasion and cut resistance when compared to any rubber elastomer



Urethane, nitrile and neoprene are available at any specified durometer, diameter and length. The rollers are then ground and polished straight, or with the specified parabolic (barrel) crown. We can assist with crown recommendations by performing nip impression testing to help specify the correct crown for your roller diameter and length


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