Anilox Cleaning Plate

For Corrugated Packaging
Efficient Anilox Care, LLC

Bingham Flexo Services has teamed up with Efficient Anilox Care to offer an automated and efficient method to clean anilox rolls in press. The Anilox Roll Cleaning Plate is patent pending technology used to clean and maintain anilox roll volume on a preventative maintenance schedule or when needed. It is as easy to install as a printing plate and should be used as part of a complete anilox cleaning program.

Daily – Run cleaning solution through the print station after using the station to print
Weekly – Run cleaning solution in conjunction with the cleaning plate for one hour
As Needed – Deep clean your anilox rolls with a baking soda cleaner

Anilox Roll Cleaning Plate

The Anilox Roll Cleaning Plate is made of millions of 50 micron-fiber bristles that not only clean the surface, but get deep into to cells.

The plate is very durable and maintenance free. It eliminates the need for manual scrubbing, the use of harsh chemicals and the safety risk of being exposed to sharp dr. blades. More than one print station can be cleaned at once. It is an inexpensive process and hands free. This cleaning plate is custom made for any printing press to fit any roll size. Simply mount the cleaning plate on the print cylinder and run with a cleaning solution. Once installed in a print deck, you are free to use the remaining downs to produce product with any vacuum transfer equipment. Cleaning while printing using pull rolls and pull strap is not possible.

Proven Results

As a preventive maintenance method, the anilox roll cleaning plate will maintain rolls at or near top volume. For deep cleaning of heavily plugged cells, the anilox roll cleaning plate will restore volume.

All The Micro-Fiber Anilox Roll Care Plates up to 79’’ width for all cylinder circumferences can be made as 1 piece (unless customer prefers two piece). Anything wider than 79” has to be a two section plate, and wider than 158” a three piece plate for all cylinder circumferences.

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