Anilox Cleaning Equipment

For Corrugated Packaging
Automated Anilox Cleaning equipment

Bingham Flexo Services is proud to offer the Sanilox System manufactured by Eaglewood Technologies. Since the mid 90’s Baking soda cleaning systems have been a widely accepted method for restoring anilox roll cell volume. The new generation Sanilox Systems bring a level of automation and user interface which maintain the system and provide consistent performance to any operator.

Sanilox Offers
  • Environmentally safe and effective cleaning
  • On or off press cleaning
  • Cost effective – Low cost per unit cleaning
  • Superior performance
Anilox Cleaning Services & Supplies

The same technology offered in our equipment is also available as a contract cleaning service. Rolls can be cleaned in your machine or sent to our service location for Sanilox cleaning. We cover a wide range of geography and have service techs available to visit your facility and handle your anilox cleaning needs.

Between deep cleanings it is important to conduct regular manual cleaning of your anilox rolls. We offer an extensive menu of brushes, cleaning agents, and tools designed to assist the day-to-day maintenance of your anilox cell volume delivery. Please click the link below to access our supply options.

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